My Expertise

Solving problems

My physics background means I'm wired to analyze challenges and craft the most effective solutions. From streamlining a task to extracting hidden insights, I deliver tailored answers that drive results.

What you can expect
  • Seamless Collaboration: Clear communication is key. I'll keep you in the loop, ensuring your project vision is perfectly executed.
  • Rapid Results: I value efficiency. Expect timely delivery without sacrificing quality.
  • Competitive Value: My expertise ensures you get the best bang for your buck – exceptional outcomes at a fair price.
Applications I'm fluent in
  • Web Scraping: I mine the web's data gold. Large or small, simple or intricate, I'll extract the information you need, even from sites with defenses.
  • Data Analysis: Numbers hold answers. Let me transform your data into strategic insights that fuel better decision-making.
  • Generative AI (Embeddable Chatbots): I'll revolutionize your customer experience with smart, interactive chatbots that smoothly integrate into your website.

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Web scraping

Unlock the web's hidden data. I build customized web scraping solutions to extract valuable information from websites. Whether it's a small project or large-scale data collection, I can handle complex sites with advanced anti-detection techniques.

Chatbot Development

Enhance customer interactions with intelligent chatbots. I develop AI-powered chatbots that can be seamlessly embedded into your website using Streamlit, providing 24/7 support and streamlining communication.

Task Automation

Free up your time, streamline your workflow. Let me automate your repetitive tasks. I'll create scripts and solutions to save you hours, boosting your efficiency and productivity.

Data Analysis

Gain insights, make better decisions. I transform your raw data into actionable knowledge. My analysis reveals patterns, trends, and opportunities hidden within your information.