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01. About me

I'm a data enthusiast obsessed with all things Python. I love digging into messy data, finding hidden patterns, and creating visualizations that tell a story. My background in physics means I'm always analyzing and problem-solving, and my stint as a freelance translator taught me the art of clear communication. I'm hooked on learning and always up for a new challenge.

When I'm not coding, I'm probably deep-diving into the latest AI research or hunting for the best deals – the perfect cloud solution, the most clever proxy provider, or even just the ideal hairbrush. Let's just say I love getting the most for my money!

02. Interests and Hobbies

Machine learning & AI development, open-source contributions, mathematics, physics, and reading.

03. Framework Preferences
  • Web Scraping: Reverse engineering hidden APIs, Playwright for browser emulation, and custom Python parsing algorithms.
  • Machine Learning: scikit-learn for foundational models, Polars for optimized data analysis.
  • Generative AI: Custom-built solutions, LangChain, and Streamlit for front-end development.


Freelance Web Scraper Developer
Design and implement Python-based web scraping solutions to overcome complex data extraction obstacles. Experienced in handling anti-scraping measures and navigating intricate website structures.
January 2023 - Present

Freelance Legal Translator
Specialize in Spanish-to-English translation of migration documents. Developed an innovative process using OCR and GPT models to streamline and enhance translation accuracy.
March 2023 - August 2023


Universidad Veracruzana
Bachelor of Science, Physics
2020-2025 (Expected)